About Me

Riley AKA Wiley Coyote
Prep Time • 9 months
Cook Time • 22 years (and counting)
Serves • Eccentric blog host realness


3 years of film studies at Sheridan College
1 of 3 years English Literature BA degree, unripened
1 mama bear with a subscription to Food & Drink magazine
1 pair of running shoes, purple
1 cat, preferably orange and called Costello, if you have it
1 immense love of food, food culture, eating, cooking, feeding people, experimenting, indulging.
1 burgeoning film, vinyl and book collection
Caffeine, to taste
Optional Ingredients
Joie de vivre
The tendency to sing in public places
The capacity to geek out over any and everything

1. Place all of the ingredients in a medium sized city in Ontario, Canada and break out your best apron, this is going to get messy. Whip into a frenzy, until the ingredients are running, dreaming, as well as babbling about the French Revolution and Pride parades. You know you've hit the right consistency when it looks like a 20-something lady with trace elements of Chuck Palahniuk, Freddie Mercury, and the theatrical.

2. Leave the mixture to cool in café barista position for about a year. It may become panicky about WHAT EXACTLY IS IT DOING WITH ITS LIFE. Do not worry, this is normal. If this happens, add some yoga for the anxiety attacks and transfer the mixture to a larger city, such as Montreal, Quebec. (If the mixture is not completely bilingual yet, c'est la vie.) Now is the time to mash in that unripened English degree.

3. Season with the trappings of life, such as 5K runs, volunteering, photographs, bad jokes, musicals, cocktails and half-made travel plans. At this time, the recipe should be somewhat eclectic with a sense of independence, as well as a little nuttiness. On its own, the recipe will develop more of the passion for cooking which it got from its mama. This will turn into a desire to both write and cook with reckless abandon.

4. Set in a prepared food blog. The recipe will share recipes, stories, thoughts, photos. Forget about all of the dishes. Seriously, leave them.