Monday, April 8, 2013

Challenge: Hail Cheeses!

EDIT: The contest deadline is now FRIDAY APRIL 19th, 2013!

 In case y’all had no idea, APRIL is NATIONAL GRILLED CHEESE MONTH, and I thought it was something worth celebrating, because I will take almost any excuse at any time to eat bread and cheese. Let’s be fair here though, it’s hardly that simple anymore: everyone’s favourite sandwich has had more facelifts than Hollywood in the recent years, and no one’s complaining, with all the tasty results.

One of the things I miss about living in Waterloo is their hip, late night, weekends only grilled cheese window, Cheeses Murphy.  Cheeses cooks up incredible sandwiches and then crowns them with names that are so puntastic, I practically wrote them myself. (My personal favourite: “The Big Lebowskcheese.”) Their signature sandwich, the Cheeses Murphy features bacon jam. I had never heard of such a thing before I accepted Cheeses as my 12:30AM, Saturday night savior.
Do not adjust your screens. This is a real live paparazzi shot of myself, caught in the act with a grilled Cheeses Murphy sandwich with mac & cheese on it.  
Since I miss Cheeses oh so much, I decided to bring a little bit of their inventive spirit to the blog and into my own kitchen with a contest, because I’d like to get to know my audience a little cheddar. (Wah waaah.)

The "Hail Cheeses" Challenge

THE CHALLENGE: Create a unique grilled cheese creation (get crazy!), photograph it, name it and send it to me at

THE PRIZE: I’ll be posting my favourite creation of all the submissions on the blog for all to see, so get ready for bragging rights. Plus, you’ll have your own personal sandwich invented: cross it off your bucket list. Look, do you really need motivation to get competitive and make yourself a delicious, original creation?

EDIT: It's not official yet, but Cheeses Murphy tweeted at me, saying it's a possibility that they COULD feature the winning sandwich at their digs. Which means your delicious genius would be available to the masses. THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE.

•  Your beautiful sandwich should be sent to me by APRIL 15th, 2013, puntastic and clever name, a pic, list of ingredients and all! That's next Monday, so be sharp and feta move on!

• Any cheese and any bread combination are allowed, so long as it becomes a sandwich in the end. (Sorry wraps, not this time.)

• There are literally unlimited toppings, too. Fruits, vegs, spreads, snack foods. Let your imagination run wild. Literally send me the sandwich of your dreams!

That's all for today, friends. If you're craving inspiration, you can also find Cheeses Murphy on Twitter & Facebook.

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